Bibliography Worksheet


Example of a Formal Bibliography

Attenborough, Richard, dir. Edison. 2009. Digital Video Disk. RCA/Columbia.

Fine, Lawrence I. "The Inventions of Thomas Edison.", 3 Mar. 2011. Web. 25 Oct. 2011. <>.

Fine, Lawrence. "Edison, Thomas." The World Book Encyclopedia. 2011. Print.

Forgey, William W. Campfire Tales:  Ghoulies, ghosties, and long-leggety beasties. 2nd ed. Guilford, Connecticut: The Globe Pequot Press, 1999. Print.

Rebold, Paul. "USS Yorktown at Norfolk, Va., 1937." Online image. Oct. 1937. NavSource Online:  Aircraft Carrier Photo Archive. Web. 25 Oct. 2011. <>.

Townsend, Brad. "Menlo Park Memories." Newsweek 9 Apr. 2011: 56-57. Print.

What do I need to keep in mind when writing a formal bibliography?

1.It is organized alphabetically by the author’s last name.

2.The second line is indented.

3.Correct punctuation is very important.  Use the examples on the bibliography worksheets as a guide.

4.The word “BIBLIOGRAPHY” should be centered at the top of the page.




Title of Article:

Name of Encyclopedia:


Page Number:

EXAMPLE:  Fitzpatrick, John W. “Thomas Edison.”  The World Book Encyclopedia. 1999 ed. Pg.77.




Place of Publication:


Date of Publication:

Example:  Townsend, Brad.  Thomas Edison.  Minneapolis:  Lerner Publications Company, 1994.



Title of Article:

Name of Magazine:

Date of Publication:Pages:

Example:  Townsend, Brad.  “Menlo Park Memories.”  Newsweek.  9 April 2001:  56-57.


Source of Photograph:

Title of Photograph:


Copyright Date:

Example:  NEWPORT NEWS SHIPBUILDING, “File Photo of the USS Yorktown.”, Reuters Toppix News and Sports, 4 June 1998.


Title of Article:

Title of Website:

Date of Search:

Website Address:

Example: “The Inventions of Thomas Edison.”  Inventors.  3 March 2001.

ONLINE SOURCES:   (Electric Library, SIRS, World Book Online.)


Title of Article:

Date of Magazine/  Article:

Title of Magazine/Encyclopedia:

Online Source:

Internet Address:

Date of Search:

Example:  Jenkins, Reuse V., “Edison, Thomas Alva.”.  World Book Online Americas Edition., 2 March 2001.

MEDIA (DVD, Videotapes, etc.)

Title of Videotape/DVD:

Type of Media:



Date of Publication:Length:

Example:  Edison.  Videocassette.  Dir. Richard Attenborough.  RCA/Columbia, 1982.  184 min.

Below is an example of a bibliography page to give you an idea of what it is supposed to look like after you have typed it.  The correct format is very important.  After that is the bibliography worksheet  for many different types of source material to help you find the information you will need and to help you put it in the correct order.