Proposed Improvements

Proposed Improvements

2016 Referendum:

The Process

Historical Perspective: 2007-2014

Going all the way back to the fall of 2007, the School District of Milton's Board of Education began seriously looking at the district's instructional and facilities needs.  Due to rapidly increasing enrollment and overcrowding in several schools at that time, a citizen committee known as the High School Design team met for a little over one year and was scheduled to present recommendations to the Board of Education to build a new high school.  The unfortunate announcement of the General Motors Plant closing in Janesville, and what was eventually termed by many economists as "The Great Recession" caused the Board of Education to put those plans on hold until the impact of GM's departure on student enrollment and other factors within the district's regional economy could be more fully understood.  

The Board Seeks To Understand What's Most Important To The Community

In the fall of 2014 the Board of Education, in partnership with a 47 citizen member Stakeholder Driven Strategic Planning Committee, conducted a Community Priorities Survey as a part of a process that eventually developed a Board approved Strategic Plan for the district.  More than 1,100 people responded to the survey and identified 3 key areas of focus that they would like to see the Board of Education and district administration focus on  Those areas included:

1)  Ensuring that the district is able to recruit and retain highly qualified teaching staff

2)  Maintaining safe and secure learning environments for students and staff

3)  Address aging facilities 

The Board Of Education Responds: 

March 2015:  

-Board of Education approves a Strategic Plan for the District.  

-Board of Education contracts an architect (PRA) to conduct an instructional and facilities needs analysis

May 2015:    

-Board of Education approves a new teacher compensation model designed to recruit and retain highly qualified teaching staff 

-Board  of Education authorizes discussions in capital projects to address safety (MHS, Milton East Parking Lot Project) 

July 2015:    

-PRA's Instructional and Facilities Needs are presented at a public community engagement meeting of more than 50 people

-10 potential options to address needs are presented, most popular option is a new Milton High School

-Board of Education authorizes sending our an RPF for Pre-Construction Services to obtain cost estimates on options

August 2015:  

-After interviewing four highly qualified construction firms, the Board selects JP Cullen for pre-construction services work 

Nov/Dec 2015:  

-Board of Education authorizes sending out a second survey to more than 11,000 district residents asking for input on 

-Results of the survey are shared with the community at a public meeting in Dec. 2015

The Board Seeks Compromise And More Community Input

January 2016:  

-After reviewing survey results, Board asks staff and contracted consultants to prepare a $45 million dollar referendum  that would add STEM wing to MHS and incrementally phase in infrastructure improvements to school buildings

-Board of Education receives 15 different e-mails with many signatures indicating $45 million dollar option does not go far enough in terms of addressing the district's identified instructional and facilities needs

-In late January, Board decides to postpone any referendum until more community input can be gathered

February 2016:  

-School District begins hosting "Tuesday Tours" and conducts more than 36 separate tours of school buildings across the district

March 2016:  

-Board of Education approves the formation of a Facilities Advisory Community Team (F.A.C.T.). Team meets nine (9) times, for several hours at a time as they begin to weigh options and develop potential recommended solutions to the Board of Education.

June 2016:  

-Facilities Advisory Community Team (FACT) presents their recommendations to the School Board

July 2016:  

-School Board directs staff to draft two referendum questions 

August 2016:  

-School Board approves placing capital and operational referendum questions on the Nov. 8th, 2016 ballot 

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  • School District of Milton
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  • Fax (608) 868-9216
  • School District of Milton
  • 448 East High Street
  • Milton, WI 53563
  • Phone (608) 868-9200
  • Fax (608) 868-9216
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