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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Who can participate in Pre-K?
Children must be 4 years old on or before September 1st to participate in the program.

2.  Where is the program held?
Milton’s Pre-K is a community collaborative model. Most of the programs are held at various preschool/childcare centers in the community. The following programs provide a Pre-K program: West Elementary, East Elementary, Creative Beginnings, Milton Preschool Learning Center, and Small Wonders.

3.  How and when do I enroll my child in 4K?
The registration process begins in February preceding the school year. At orientation, families are asked to bring immunization records, your child’s birth certificate, and completed registration forms.  If you are unable to attend on the designated orientation date, an appointment can be made at the Family Enrollment Center located at the District Office.

4.  How is placement determined?
Site assignments are based on place of residence, need for child care services, transportation, current enrollment at a site, special programming needs, and available openings at the site requested.

5.  Is there a fee for Pre-K?
While there is an initial registration fee (due in August) and an occasional fieldtrip fee, there are no fees to families for the regularly scheduled hours of the program.  If you require wrap-around care a fee will be charged to you by the childcare center.

6.  Is transportation provided?
Students who live more than two miles from their assigned site will be eligible for transportation. These students will be scheduled into morning sessions only.  If students require wrap-around care outside of the Pre-K hours, the parents will provide transportation.

7.  Can you attend Pre-K if you live in another school district?
Four year olds who reside outside of the School District of Milton may attend Pre-K in Milton if the district they reside in has 4-year-old Kindergarten.

8.  Can you attend Pre-K if you are 5 before September 1st?
Yes, we understand that all children are different and parents make the decision of whether to send their child to kindergarten or Pre-Kindergarten when they turn 5 years old. 

9.  Is student progress documented?
Yes, every site is asked to observe and document student progress.  Parent-teacher conferences are held twice per school year and a progress report, along with a rubric that explains what is meant by the ratings, is sent home showing the progress the student is making. 

10.  Will there be opportunities for parent involvement?
Yes, each center will work collaboratively to offer 87.5 hours of parent involvement and education activities.  The activities offered may vary from center to center, with a few activities following the school district calendar, such as open houses.  Examples include, but are not limited to, family fun nights, parent-teacher conferences, movie “nights” and parent newsletters. 

11.  What are expectations of centers regarding children with special needs?
Pre-K is open to all age-eligible children regardless of ability level.  If a child is entering the Pre-K program and is currently identified with a disability an Individual Educational Program (IEP) team that includes parents, teachers, and other professionals will meet to determine the best and most appropriate placement for the child.

12.  What are the benefits of preschools/childcare centers collaborating with the school district?
This is known as the community collaborative model.  It builds on existing programs in our community.  With district partnership a DPI-licensed teacher will provide a consistent curriculum that will incorporate the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards.  Our teachers collaborate with each other and with the centers.  In addition, centers will offer family outreach activities and some sites will also offer wrap around care for those families needing it.  Each center will be required to offer 437 hours of instruction and 87.5 hours of parent involvement.

13.  What are the benefits of attending Pre-Kindergarten?
Studies show long term benefits for children who participate in comprehensive and high quality early childhood programs.  High-quality preschool education can substantially increase a child’s success in school and in lifeOur goal is to promote a love of learning in a social setting, which will lay the foundation for a successful school career.


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